The quest for meaningful adventure: that aptly sums much of Tom’s life.

Raised in the midwest, Tom escaped from Normal (Illinois) to attend the U.S. Air Force Academy. Perpetrating numerous mischievous exploits at the Academy, he still managed to graduate in 1985 with honors and an Electrical Engineering degree.

His journey continued as a navigator in the low-level, high-velocity, RF-4 Reconnaissance jet in the Far East, writing stories in the cracks of time.

After the Air Force, while working toward his master’s degree in English, he won the coveted Bazzanella Literary Award for short fiction.

The marriage adventure began in 1989 with Elsa, and together they moved to Woomera, Australia where they owned and operated Papa’s! restaurant. With the bug for business, they returned to Colorado where Tom started a vending machine business, which is where he and Rob Storey built their friendship.

The expedition continues as Tom and Elsa build businesses with their three highly talented boys. Most recently, they launched a sequel to Papa’s! - a steampunk-themed Italian restaurant on Main Street in Florence, Colorado.



Most of his life, becoming an author was the last thing on Rob Storey’s mind. He struggled through school, and “English” was perpetually his worst subject, something merely to be endured.

 After surviving school, Rob pursued an eclectic mix of occupations including vending, where he met Tom Bruno. Following that he studied digital art and design, taught ballroom dance, worked for a law office, then as an IT field tech, and owned a variety of small businesses.

 None of these careers captured his imagination. Rob has always sought to realize the worlds in his mind through various creative mediums, but something was always missing. Eventually he turned back to his nemesis, the written word. This time it was different. This time he found what he was looking for, and through collaboration with Tom, the words came to life.  

 Along with his writing, Rob has a passion for travel. To date he has journeyed through much of Europe and North America, even living for a time in Kyrgyzstan. He travels not only to inspire his stories by discovering our world and those abiding in it, but to live the adventure he writes about.

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