EPISODE 2: High Rails of Ardan

Continuing the epic struggle from Zotikas: Clash of Heirs, Kieler’s public declaration as the lost Ortessi heir is the highest affront to Feleanna’s competency as a political mastermind. And Velirith’s prank, coincidental to Kieler’s arrival, exponentially hardens Feleanna’s determination to eliminate her rivals.

Forced into the protection of House Vel, Kieler flees Avertori with Velirith and Velator on the fastest powercoach on rails. But even thousands of miles away, as Kieler explores the ingeniously engineered mountain citadel of Velakun, the invisible red claw of the Dragon reaches out to crush his ambitions.

The pain of retribution is imminent.


EPISODE 1: Clash of Heirs

Zotikas is a world of elements more numerous and energetic than those of our world. These powerful elements supercharge magnetism, gravity, light, biology and entropy, enabling towering structures and massive mechanical devices.

But the decay of the social elite has brought three heirs into conflict on how to change their world. Kieler leads an underground revolution. Velirith would rather stay out of it, but feels called to reform. And Feleanna Cortatti is engaged in a violent, relentless takeover, backed by her family’s massive arsenal. 

In this first episode, the three up-and-coming leaders are headed for a dramatic clash at society’s premier event, the New Year’s Gala. 

Kieler is trying to infiltrate the Executive Chair’s sky-scraping palace and the society of the highborns. Feleanna is red-faced, doing everything she can to stop him. But it is Velirith, with a government-shaking, mischievous prank, who is really planning to crash the party.

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