Clash of Heirs

Avertori was once a wonder of the industrial age, filled with mechanical marvels and extravagant art.  Built at the crossroads of three continents, it was here that humanity harnessed the elements of power and wrought one marvel after another. Towering art deco architecture and locomotives the size of ocean liners typified the era.

But these wonders slowly decay. After centuries of corruption only echoes of that time remain. Most people are now little more than serfs, bought and sold by the great trade houses. Others have it even worse.

KIELER, exiled to Avertori’s underworld as a child, is now an agent of a criminal organization known as the Coin. Flying his homemade airship to society’s premier event of the year, he intends to bring down the ruling Omeron from the inside. He dreams of freedom for his comrades and revenge for the family he has lost.

FELEANNA, known as the Red Dragon of House Cortatti, is disgusted by the weakness she sees in the other houses. Convinced that she alone is worthy to rule, she will stop at nothing until the other houses fall before her.

VELIRITH, raised far away in her family’s city of Velekun, hates everything political. Unfortunately, as sole heir of House Vel, her involvement in inevitable. So she makes it her personal mission to expose the hypocrisy of the other houses, embarrassing them in the most explosive way possible.

Airships burn, magnetic projectiles fly, maglev trains careen, and dancers brawl in this dramatic first incursion into ZOTIKAS!

High Rails of Ardan

The party’s over.

Kieler and Velirith flee Avertori on the fastest powercoach on rails.

But is it far enough to escape Feleanna’s wrath?

Kieler has raided her lair and pilfered her sacred treasure.

Velirith has embarrassed her in front of every elite on Zotikas.

Kieler doesn’t trust the highborn Velirith; And Velirith knows “The Ortessi” is a fraud. Can they survive the invisible reach of the Red Dragon of House Cortatti?  Can they even cooperate when their agendas vary so drastically?

The conflict accelerates on the HIGH RAILS OF ARDAN, Episode 2 of the continuing decopunk saga of Zotikas!

Attraction & Repulsion

What is the hardest test of a young man’s resolve?

Not fear.

Not hardships.

Not danger.

Perhaps, the tender touch of a young woman.

His friends, his mentor, his loyalty to the Coin—They’re a long way away.

SHE is close. Too close.

If Kieler’s wounds don’t kill him, his attraction to Velirith will.

Episode 3: Zotikas: Attraction and Repulsion continues the decopunk saga begun in the first two episodes, Clash of Heirs and High Rails of Ardan.

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